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Who We Are
The ICA is made up of the Institute for the Culinary Arts and the Center for Horticulture Studies . These centers offer options which prepare students for a variety of careers in culinary, horticulture,and the hospitality industries.

Our Mission Statement
To educate, advance, and develop the practice of Culinary Arts, Management, Hospitality, Pre-Dietetics and Horticulture. We provide dynamic class rooms through hands on, student centered learning experiences.
What is the Institute For Culinary Arts (ICA)?
There are 3 degrees available at the Institute for the Culinary Arts (ICA). ICA also has a facility that is unmatched in the midwest for you to train and study in, as well as a student run Bistro and conference center to develop skills.
The Institute for the Culinary Arts at Metropolitan Community College can prepare you for a varietyof jobs in the rapidly-growing foodservice industry. Choose from nine options in the Culinary Arts and Management degree area or the Hospitality degree area that range from business management to culinary skills. Your hands-on experience takes place in a state-of-the-art amazing facility. Should you choose to further your education, your credits can transfer to the University of Nebraska and other four year institutions.

What degrees are available

• Culinary Arts and Management Degrees
• Hospitality and Leadership Degrees
• Pre-Dietetics
Many of the degree options are accredited by the American Culinary Federation Accreditation Commission, and the ICA has been rated among the top Culinary Schools in the U.S. Metropolitan Community College has been an accredited institution since 1975.

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4270 North 139 St., Omaha , NE 68164     TEL: 402-493-4739      FAX: 402-493-3197