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Heartland’s Menu of Products

Card Processing

Are you making as much money as you can from every sale you ring up on a credit, debit and prepaid card? Or is your payments processor taking too big a cut … and slicing your revenue?

In an industry fraught with processors looking out for themselves, Heartland Payment Systems watches out for you.

Whether your customers use credit, debit or prepaid cards — including gift card and loyalty programs and Heartland’s Give Something Back NetworkSM OneCard — Heartland processes your transactions efficiently and cost-effectively.

You can rest easy knowing your transactions are processed on the industry’s only end-to-end, state-of-the-art processing platform for brick and mortar companies. With built-in flexibility designed to keep pace with today’s shifting business needs, you have all the support you need.

Both brick and mortar and e-commerce stores benefit from:

• Fair pricing and full disclosure of fees and agreement terms

• Processing for all major card brands and fast access to funds with one deposit, one statement, one point of access to account information and one call for customer service

• Clear statements that eliminate confusing or misleading fees

• Improve your cash flow through real-time processing and quick authorizations

• Fully integrated terminals and software that work with your systems

• Round-the-clock service through a dedicated field service team and toll-free live support 24/7/365

• Easy account management through our Online Merchant Center

• Industry-specific solutions to meet your unique business needs

• One-stop payments processing that serves all your needs conveniently and efficiently

Gift Marketing
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There are two ways you can increase revenue: acquire new customers and motivate existing customers to spend more.

At Heartland, we help you turn business gift cards into powerful marketing tools that increase revenue, promote your business and expand your client base through innovative and proven techniques. Our gift card marketing programs are flexible and easy to implement so you can start providing these value-added offerings quickly.

Team up with Heartland for your gift marketing needs and discover three ways to build a complete gift card marketing program:

Leverage traditional gift cards.

A gift card is a great word-of-mouth marketing tool to gain new clientele. It's a personal endorsement — from the gift card giver to the gift card recipient — to patronize your establishment. The recipient — who otherwise may not be familiar with your business — has the chance to become a new, loyal customer.

Develop loyalty programs.

Use gift cards to generate loyalty by rewarding customers … and motivate them to return. Turn your gift cards into stored-value cards and offer incentives that entice customers to continue loading money onto them. We work with you to determine the incentives that resonate with your customer base. When customers invest in your business this way, they commit to spending more money with you.

Market your business through joint promotions with other local businesses.

Leverage relationships with other local merchants who can refer business. We can help you identify area businesses that offer the highest return … targeting locations your potential customers frequent. You can use these cross-promotional relationships to draw new customers into your establishment by giving away preloaded gift cards for your business, whose cost is offset by acquiring new business.

Plus, Heartland Gift MarketingSM helps you:

• Reward customers with real-time promotions that entice them to come back more often and spend more when they do

• Promote your program with ongoing marketing support

• Discover the return on investment gift marketing can provide your business

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Heartland Express FundsSM is an innovative program designed to get you your money quickly and efficiently. With this unique end-to-end deposit and recovery solution, you not only get the ability to deposit checks anytime and from anywhere — using a remote scanner — you also get the advantage of Heartland AutoRecoverySM, our automated program that efficiently recovers funds from returned checks.

Heartland Express Funds helps you:

• Enhance your check management with easy-to-use technology and automated reporting of your deposits and recovery efforts

• Send deposits to one or multiple accounts at one or multiple banks

• Keep your current checking accounts

• Retrieve check images anytime

• Monitor every step of your deposit in real time via our online portal, accessible from anywhere via the internet

• Receive funds in your account as soon as the next weekday morning — no floats or holds

• Integrate with leading accounting software

• Post automatically to your accounts receivable ledger

• Eliminate dual entry

When you receive a bounced check, Heartland Auto Recovery has you covered. You get the information you need and the funds that are due, increasing your revenue with no paperwork — so you can focus on your business.

With Heartland Auto Recovery, you often see an increase in your recovery percentage and always see a decrease in your associated labor cost. Plus, the automated process reduces the need for additional resources and has proven to expedite the recovery process in many cases.

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Bad checks no longer have to drain your time and profits. Heartland Stop LossSM, powered by transmodus, is an automated recovery program that files eligible items directly with your local prosecuting attorney’s office — where available — with no paperwork. This automatic process allows you to focus on what really matters — improving and growing your business. There are no hidden fees or complicated forms to complete.

With Stop Loss, you get 100% of every recovered check. And aside from a small sign-up fee, Stop Loss costs you nothing. The people who write bad checks fund the program through the fees they pay. That means no monthly payments or subscription charges for you.

With online access to your account 24/7/365, you can check the status of your customers’ bad checks, see how much money has been recovered on your behalf and view the latest deposits to your account. It’s simple:

• If a check is returned, it is automatically forwarded to the Stop Loss program. This initiates an automated recovery process where the bad check writer receives a courtesy letter on your behalf, followed by two additional attempts to recover your funds.

• If the funds are not recovered, Stop Loss automatically files eligible items with your local prosecuting attorney’s office — where available.

If checks are not eligible, you can choose to use a collection service or pursue a self-collect option.

Stop Loss is powered by and is a registered trademark of transmodus Corporation.

Payroll Services

There’s a direct connection between payroll reliability and employee productivity.

To help you manage your workforce efficiently, Heartland’s Payroll Services handles details such as reporting, compliance, POS integration and Workers’ Compensation — all with the pricing you need and the services your business and your employees demand.

Count on Heartland Payment Systems to deliver:

• Comprehensive, customizable payroll capabilities

• Payroll automation that frees you to concentrate on your core business

• Web-hosted access to your payroll anytime via SSL-encrypted and secure internet technology

• Online access so your employees can view their pay stubs

• Robust reporting for better business analysis

• No fees for deletions or additions of employees

• Remote check and report printing at your convenience

• Tax specialists on staff who ensure processing and filing compliance of your payroll-related taxes

• An automated general ledger interface that electronically imports payroll information directly into your accounting application – and provides free data access to your accountant

• Dedicated, skilled account representatives for speedy response to inquiries and extended, US-based customer service hours

Tour PlusOne Payroll.

Federal Wage and Labor Law Posters.

View a sample report.

View Helpful Links.

In addition, Heartland offers the PayAdvantage Visa® Prepaid Card — a secure, flexible payroll option — to your employees.
You can bring added value, convenience and flexibility to your employees with the Heartland PayAdvantage Visa Prepaid Card.

Offer convenience to your employees who don’t have a bank account by depositing their paycheck onto the PayAdvantage card. It works just like a debit card — so they’ll be able to access their money and pay their bills easily.

And for employees with too many bank accounts, the PayAdvantage Card gives them the power to budget effectively month to month.

With the Heartland PayAdvantage Card, your employees can:

• Deposit paychecks — or partial paychecks — and other income sources directly onto the card

• Eliminate check cashing fees

• Avoid overdrafts — spend only what’s on the card

• Get surcharge-free AllpointTM ATM access

• Make purchases in person, online or by phone everywhere Visa® debit is accepted

• Pay their bills conveniently — online, in person or by phone

• Be eligible for Visa Merchant Discounts With the Heartland PayAdvantage Card, your company can:

• Reduce traffic outside of the manager’s office on payday

• Keep employees on site — no need for them to leave work to cash checks or pay a bill

• Decrease costs by minimizing your issuance of paper checks and check replacement fees

• Increase convenience for your employees by offering them an easy way to receive their paycheck and pay bills Plus, with PayAdvantage you have the tools to educate your employees, including:

• Compliance support

• Employee marketing resources

• 24/7/365 customer service

The Heartland PayAdvantage Visa Prepaid Card is issued by MetaBank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A.

Heartland 360° Point-of-Sale System

Enhance your bottom line with Heartland 360º POS.

Comprehensive and reliable, 360º POS is a point-of-sale solution that covers every aspect of your restaurant operations, providing the tools you need to run your restaurant more efficiently. While many POS providers charge a premium for standard modules, Heartland 360º POS includes these vital modules as part of its solution at no additional cost.

Learn more about Heartland 360° Point-of-Sale System

You benefit from round-the-clock support and ongoing maintenance – including hardware replacement and software upgrades — reducing downtime and helping you budget effectively. And, because 360º POS has a fixed weekly subscription model, you won’t be surprised — or burdened — by miscellaneous fees that eat away at your bottom line.

Heartland 360° POS delivers:

A Full Range of Standard Modules. Enhance operational efficiencies with a multitude of modules ranging from multiple order entry modes … to customer loyalty and gift marketing programs … delivery, reservation, table and labor management … and kitchen display, guest and server paging interfaces — all included at no extra cost.

Low Startup Costs and an All-Inclusive Weekly Subscription Model.
Control your costs with 360° POS’ low startup fee and fixed weekly subscription structure.

Consolidated Statements.
Enjoy the added convenience of having your POS fees debited directly from the same bank account as your card processing fees.

Perpetual Management Training. Educate your management team with initial on-site training at your restaurant, as well as online training when you need it — at no additional cost.

24/7/365 Monitoring & Support.
Rest easy with our remote monitoring system that detects issues with critical components — from system hardware to software — before they affect your business. Plus, our local account managers are specially trained and available to address your service needs.

An On-Site Swap Kit.
Minimize downtime in emergency situations by having your 360° POS system delivered with a kit of spare hardware components.

Educate yourself on the 8 essential elements of point-of-sale (POS) ownership with these helpful tips and tools provided by the National Restaurant Association.

Wait List Management

Introducing FreshtxtTM, a smarter way to manage your restaurant’s waiting list, accept online reservations and deliver promotional offers and announcements to your customers.

Learn more about Freshtxt's Wait List Management
Available for a low monthly fee with no upfront costs, Freshtxt automatically alerts your guests with text messages and automated voice calls when their table is ready — leaving them free to wait where they want. Our web-based solution works with any computer connected to the internet, so there’s no equipment to purchase. Simply log in and you’re ready to go.

Here are other ways Freshtxt can benefit your business:

• Actively promote to your guests through opt-in text message marketing

• Easily integrate our reservation system within your website so that patrons can make reservations online, without leaving your site

• Receive automatic alerts that identify duplicate, damaged and invalid checks

• Initiate check recovery activities automatically

• Utilize an interactive seating chart to change your floor plan at any time

• Access real-time analytics on seated tables and wait staff sections to target and manage your table turn times to generate more profit.

To see for yourself how Freshtxt works, take our interactive tour at

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